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United Barcode Systems

Founded in 1994, United Barcode Systems rapidly became capable of offering solutions within the automatic identification field. UBS is now a leader within the labeling, coding and marking sectors. Focused in offering the best technology and quality in the market, UBS ensures that your projects are carried out by the hands of their qualified team of engineers, technicians and computer professionals, from early advising to final running.

Pallet Labeling Systems

APL 8000

The APL 8000 is a self-adhesive labels real time print and apply system designed and produced fulfilling all requirements to obey EAN/UCC128 Application Identification Standards and GS1 International pallet labeling recommendations. Printing and applications are carried out automatically and effectively. Due to its flexibility the APL 8000 easily adapts when variable data label printing and applications are needed in half speed applications.

APL 8000 Series Brochure


The APL ELV print and apply system allows variable height pallet labeling automatically. Users may select single or multiple panel labeling at irregular predefined heights or place the system at the desired height manually. It’s electronically controlled reductor motor permits the print and apply system to move at a high speed assuring a superior labeling cadence.

APL ELV Series Brochure

Labeling Cases

APL 3000

The APL 3000 Series offers high quality and cost effective solutions for print and apply labeling products, cartons, cases and boxes all across the supply chain. Its attractive purchase price, it’s rugged design and accurate engineering makes it an outstanding choice for standard labeling operations.

APL 3000 Series Brochure

APL 3500

The APL 3500 is designed with the technology required to satisfy the highest demands and fulfill the highest production volumes. The equipment supports all the application methods that UBS offers and the fastest “Blow” version reaches cadences of up to 125 label applications per minute.

APL 3500 Series Brochure

APL 3600 Dual

The APL 3600 Dual was specifically created for high speed production lines. Its innovative design allows for integration into any production line due to its contrained dimensions. The dual print heads are capable of running up to 180 labels per minute and the 3600 Dual uses a blow method for labeling.

APL 3600 Dual Series Brochure

APL 4000

The APL 4000 Series has the capability to integrate the various A-CLASS thermal transfer engines from Datamax, which have specifically been developed for its use on automatic applicators. The 4000 reaches high levels of accuracy and reliability, offering ease of use and maintenance as well as flexibility and accessibility to all production lines.

APL 4000 Series Brochure

Inkjet Printers


The APLINK MR2 is a high resolution inkjet printer developed to print on cardboard boxes, any type of logos, images, text and high quality bar code, fulfilling GS1 regulations. UBS improved the APLINK MR2 with an aluminum design, a pilot alarm beacon incorporated into the printer, and a 5.7″ color touch screen with a friendly user interface.

APLINK MR2 Series Brochure


The APLINK MR 1400 has the capacity to print up to 140 mm in printing height. The easily accessible external database allows users to obtain data for printing and it can be connected to a PLC providing an easy selection of the messages required for printing.

APLINK MR1400 Series Brochure


The APLINK UV2 is the revolutionary high resolution inkjet printer designed to print text, images, and high quality bar codes. The On Board Curing System (OBCS) uses an ultraviolet cure integrated into the head module that polymerizes the message length. The UV2 offers a horizantal resolution up to 720 dpi and crisp and clear messages upon multiple substrates making it the most advanced inkjet system on the market.

APLINK UV2 Series Brochure