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2019 Year-End Meetings & Holiday Party

December 2019 – St. Louis, MO

Our year-end meetings and holiday party are always a special time for our company, but this year there was even MORE to celebrate! This year we were welcoming Evco Industries into the AJ & MAP family. Evco came in to our St. Louis Headquarters to attended our 2019 Year-End Outcomes & 2020 Strategic Planning meetings as well has took part in a very special tradition. Every new team member of the AJ & MAP team must read and sign the company copy of “Who Moved My Cheese”.  Andy Schwartz, President & CEO, was excited to continue this tradition. Pat Evans, of Evco Industries, was happy to accept the book to pass along to his team and be part of the long-standing tradition. This book represents how change is ever-present and we can always learn and grow.

We always wrap-up our meeting week with a great holiday party. Our new Evco family was welcomed to the team, our year-end sales awards were given out and we celebrated many company anniversaries this year. The night was full of stories, good food & laughter.