Mid-America Packaging


Industrial packaging equipment responsibilities aside, MAP Application Equipment is first and foremost a service organization, providing excellent customer service to a diverse range of industries. You see, customer service is the engine driving everything we do here. We won’t accept anything less than Insanely Happy Customers.

The Heart of Our Service is Our People

MAP Application Equipment’s experienced sales and customer service staff is dedicated to building partnerships with our customers that only get stronger with time. We mentor them throughout purchase and installation, and all the way through to production. That starts with asking the important questions about your packaging needs and where that fits into the scope of your business. In doing so, we carefully evaluate your purchase process, helping to drive down your costs. Our staff are also exceptionally qualified to review your packaging process and will make recommendations to improve production efficiencies and package quality.

That dedication to service doesn’t end after you’ve placed your order. As we get to know your business, we will be there every step of the way to provide guidance and assistance for any customer inquiry.

Looking to connect with a specific member of the Mid America Packaging team? Find detailed contact information in our Employee Directory.

From our service-driven culture to our expert staff of customer service professionals, at MAP we ensure that every service we provide meets all of your industrial packaging needs.