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AJ & MAP Attend The President’s Forum of St. Louis

On Tuesday February 26th, 2019, Jim Wiley CFO and Andy Schwartz President of AJ Adhesives and Mid-America Packaging attended The President’s Forum of St. Louis for a full day of learning.  Keynote Speakers included Jim Kavanaugh CEO of World Wide Technology, Marc Braun President of Cambridge Engineering, Jennifer Labit President of Cotton Babies and Micheal Staenberg President of The Staenberg Group.  Jim Kavanaugh spoke on Culture and Values, said how important it is to “grind it out and make difficult decisions, and have a culture of grit and determination.”  Marc Braun is a prime example how daily habits create a culture of courage, sprinkle in some grateful appreciation daily and your company will win every time!  Jennifer Labit’s company, Cotton Babies, competes with disposable diapers.  Her talk was on building platforms for the future during the retail business evolution.  Michael Staenberg is a global real estate developer.  His talk was on managing stress.  What Andy Schwartz liked best was his comment, “In business, if you don’t stress you are either dead or dumb, so don’t stress about stress!”

Jim and Andy have always put continuous learning as a priority. The President’s Forum and Verne Harnish’s Growth Summit are annual events they have been attending for more than 10 years.