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AJ & MAP Attends President’s Forum in St. Louis, MO

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Jim Wiley CFO of AJ Adhesives/MAP, and Andy Schwartz President of AJ Adhesives/MAP attended The President’s Forum, held at the Missouri Athletic Club in downtown St. Louis.  The full-day learning event had multiple learning tracks and was headlined by CEO Jim Meyer of Italgrani USA and CEO Bryan Davis of Trinity Products.  Jim Meyer talked about the supply chain disruptions, current market volatility for wheat, corn, and other agricultural products, and getting back to work.  “We work better when we are together” noted Jim.  Bryan Davis of Trinity Products talked about their growth and how the trajectory of the business took off after the ESOP went into play.  Jim Wiley is a big fan of Jack Stack’s ‘open book/Great Game of Business’ philosophy, and that has been the driving force at Trinity.  Was also a good foundation for the transition to the ESOP.

“Jim Wiley and I went to college together, I love going back to school with Jim,” said Andy Schwartz.  “Even though it was 38 years ago, we still have fun learning!”