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INDUSTRY NEWS: Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Acquires Telesis Technologies

Mid-America Packaging’s leading marking & coding manufacturer, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES), announced its acquisition of Telesis Technologies, a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of marking equipment using laser technologies. Telesis has a development center, manufacturing facility, and engineering, sales, and maintenance service bases in the United States. The company also has manufacturing, sales, and service bases in China, and sales and service bases in Europe.

The acquisition of Telesis will enhance Hitachi’s product portfolio and allow them to expand our product lineup and gain access to markets where Hitachi currently has a limited presence. Hitachi is excited about the capabilities Telesis will bring to the HIES portfolio, with its more than 40 years of experience developing, manufacturing, and selling marking equipment such as laser markers and dot peens. The company holds one of the top global market shares in dot-peen markers and has a strong presence in the automotive and heavy equipment industries.