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June/July 2021 Important Adhesives Industry News & Updates: Raw Materials, Manufacturing Updates & More

As you may know, many factors are currently affecting the industrial adhesives-making process. If your company works with industrial adhesives with our sister company, AJ Adhesives, Inc., we’re always here for you to break down all this information and to give you all the details on these important updates. To keep up-to-date on all of these changes be sure to bookmark and save the following link where we keep you continually updated on all the breaking news that affects our customers.

➤ [CLICK HERE AND BOOKMARK!] Information on VAM Shortages Caused by the Gulf & Force Majeure Updates

Or you can always find our latest updates at the top of our homepage when you click on the INDUSTRY UPDATES TAB!

For more information please feel comfortable reaching out to your AJ Adhesives sales rep for more details on your individual needs and updates. We’re always here to help!