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Mid-America Packaging, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate and Carrollton Bank

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 was a special day where two CEO’s who share a common Advisory Board and supplier/customer relationship was able to have a little fun on a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Plant Tour.  Andy Schwartz and Dan Abel Sr sit on Carrollton Bank’s St. Louis Hills Advisory Board.  The March meeting was held at Dan’s company and it was a Willy Wonka-like Plant tour.  Dan Abel Jr. who runs the Operation hosted the Tour.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate has been a long time customer of AJ Adhesives and Mid-America Packaging, and they happen to be right down the street in the city of St. Louis.  Tom Hough,  6th generation Carrollton Bank Vice President and Principal shared in the good times with 2 generations of the Abel Family.  Fun times and lots of chocolate were had by all!