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Mid-America Packaging Makes Customers Insanely Happy!

St. Louis, MO – March 5, 2019

Sam, from Engage Technologies Corporation and close vendor friend of Mid-America Packaging reached out to President and CEO, Andy Schwartz to share a recent customer review after an equipment installation with one of our MAP technicians.

Kyle, a MAP Service Technician, went to a customer last week and finished installing a CoPilot on a Taper at a customer’s facility the day of an ice storm. When Sam arrived he was shocked to discover that  Kyle had already come and installed the CoPilot; he arrived that morning by 9 am! Most people had been delayed due to such a terrible storm, but Kyle had been sure to get to the customer first thing for the install.

The customer told Sam he was “extremely satisfied” and referred to Kyle as a “keeper!”  The customer, Kelly, boasted the following: the installation was done within 4 hours, he showed Kelly how to run the software, Kyle worked well with the maintenance team to get a bracket for the installation of the printhead, and when the operator posed a question about software capabilities Kyle quickly built a second Orion message for the specific application needs. And most importantly, Kelly’s boss was happy with the results on his investment!

We love making our customers Insanely Happy!