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Mid-America Packaging President & CEO, Andy Schwartz, Named 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year

On May 13th, Andy Schwartz was named Entrepreneur of the Year…

The Entrepreneur of the Year award is a prestigious accolade given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievements, unwavering dedication to the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and a true entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from the rest. This award is given out by the St. Louis chapter of the EO, and it recognizes an entrepreneurs’ outstanding professional achievements, as well as their contributions to the community. The recipient of the award is someone who has displayed remarkable resilience, passion, visionary leadership, and astute decision-making, driving their business to success and achieving outstanding milestones. The award also recognizes an entrepreneur’s personal growth and their commitment to fostering a collaborative spirit within the EO community. This individual has demonstrated exceptional achievements, unwavering dedication to EO, and a true entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from the rest.

Scott Levine, President EO St. Louis, presented the following on May 13th:

“Throughout his remarkable 30-year journey in business, this entrepreneur has displayed unparalleled resilience and passion, navigating the ever-changing landscape with remarkable finesse. His visionary leadership has led to the establishment and success of multiple ventures.

Through his astute decision-making and unwavering commitment to excellence, he has achieved outstanding milestones, completing four successful acquisitions and driving cumulative sales figures well beyond $47,000,000. His relentless pursuit of growth and success has
resulted in a remarkable 21 % increase in revenue in the year 2022 alone, truly exemplifying his entrepreneurial prowess.

Not limited to his professional achievements, this exceptional entrepreneur has also made a significant impact on our beloved city of St. Louis. He has actively contributed to the betterment of the community, serving as a Forest Park Advisory Board Member for eight years.
Their involvement in the “Select” Committee, working to introduce basketball courts to Forest Park, showcases their dedication to enhancing recreational opportunities for all. Additionally, he has generously served as a long-standing Board Member of Conflux, a non-profit organization that helps inner-city manufacturers and distributors grow their businesses by facilitating career fairs, co-learning events, and connecting students with valuable manufacturing internships.

For an impressive 25 years, this entrepreneur has been an esteemed member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, demonstrating unwavering commitment to personal growth and fostering a collaborative spirit. Through various leadership roles, such as Education Chair, Forum Chair, and President, he has left an indelible mark on both the St. Louis and Houston chapters. His tireless efforts as a Member at Large for the St. Louis chapter have resulted in impactful learning events and lasting takeaways for the entire community.

This recipient’s passion for entrepreneurship extends beyond their professional endeavors. He has prioritized their role as a loving spouse and dedicated parent, instilling the values of Trust and Respect in his family. By actively involving his children in our entrepreneurial community, he has nurtured their thirst for knowledge and inspire them to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

With diverse interests that include sports, fine wine, and camaraderie, this entrepreneur is known for being a loyal friend and a source of wisdom to those around him. His humility and commitment to the success of his teams, the relationships he has cultivated, and the betterment of the community truly set him apart. And now, without further ado, it is my great honor to reveal the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the St. Louis chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating our outstanding recipient, Andy Schwartz!

Andy, your remarkable growth, selfless service, and enduring success have earned you this prestigious accolade. Your unwavering support and dedication to the entrepreneurial community embody the core principle of Together We Grow, making you an exceptional role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. We commend you for your outstanding achievements, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing your future endeavors.”