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ITW Dynatec is a global supplier of hot melt machines and solutions for various industries such as Packaging, Disposable Hygiene Products, Adhesive Coating & Laminating and many more. We have a unique company profile with an individual genetic code, history and strength. ITW Dynatec believes Quality, Innovation & Sustainability are the underlying principles of our long term success in the hot melt industry.

Low Volume Adhesive Supply Units

Simplicity™ Series - Adhesive Supply Unit

Quick Specs

  • 9-35 lb adhesive hopper capacity
  • 25-50 lb/hr melt rate
  • 2, 4 or 6 heated hot melt hose outputs
  • Dual piston pump capabilities (16 kg unit only)
Simplicity™ Series

Hot Melt Hose

Gemini™ Hot Melt Hose

Quick Specs

  • Multiple electrical ground channels support a safe operating environment
  • Electrical watt-density heating is hose length calibrated which reduces hose char
Gemini™ Hot Melt Hose

Adhesive Applicator Methods

BF MicroBead Applicator

Quick Specs

  • Integrated needle and self-cleaning nozzle virtually elimiate adhesive stringing and downtime. (Optima Module)
  • Adjustable needle stroke sets adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. (Micro Module)
  • Standard air open/air close module for accurate bead placement and sealing.
  • Platinum sensor provides optimum temperature control.
  • Water resistant sealing.
BF MicroBead Applicator